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Arvada Garage Doors | Summer Garage Door Repairs

Summer is the time most people are out traveling and enjoying family and friends not focusing on their garage door or what repairs it might need. But, you shouldn’t just completely ignore your garage door  if it starts to act up.

If you are planning a summer vacation then it might be a good idea to have some safety tests done on your garage door before you leave just to make sure everything is working right before you take off. The last thing you want to come home to after a nice relaxing vacation is a broken garage door. Not only that but a garage door that isn’t working exactly right can be a huge safety concern and you wouldn’t want anything to happen while you are away.

It is definitely worth the few extra minutes to call a professional out to check up on your garage door this summer.

Arvada Garage Doors | Is a company that offers same day service worth it?

A lot of people have the misconception that a company that offers same day garage door repairs charges more.

Let’s start by saying that while some other companies might do that, we don’t.

That said, we also get people that ask if they should really make a decision based on the offering of same day service.  Should you?

I would argue that yes, yes you should.  Here’s why:  What is your time worth?  What are your valuables worth?  What is the safety of you and your family worth?  What is your car worth?  All of these are things you have to consider when the option to hold off for a week or two is on the table in regard to letting your garage door stay broken while you wait for some other company.

Arvada Garage Doors | Lowdown On The New “Smart” Garage Door Openers

Many American families use the garage door as one of the main entrances to their homes. The garage serves as a common, convenient inlet or outlet to the house.  Garages are frequently used, but what kind of safety device can you depend on to ensure that everything is okay with your garage? This has been a long unanswered question, but not anymore! “Smart” garage door controllers are making complete garage door control possible through technology and personalization. You could be controlling your garage door remotely in the blink of an iPhone.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Smart garage door openers can be extremely helpful in allowing you to control access to your home. If you are on the way to a soccer game and you realize that you may have been too busy to close the garage door, you no longer have to worry! With a smart garage door opener, stressful situations in which you think your house is going to get broken into are gone, because you have all the control.  Another great time to have this incredible remote opener is anytime you are on vacation.  When you need to let someone into your house, instead of giving them a key, you can now give access to your garage through your phone.  On some smart opener apps, you can give up to ten people access to your garage securely.  The convenience that this invention provides is absolutely amazing.

Garage Door Opener App

The next time you leave your house either for an hour, or a month, consider how many benefits a smart opener will provide you.  The world is rapidly changing to accommodate all this newfangled technology, so jump on board and see what a difference a smart opener can make for your home!

Brand New Smart Garage Door Opener

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